Church School Distinctiveness

Our school logo is the Swan; the school was built on the edge of Westbury near to reed beds  providing a home to a range of wildlife including swans. 

The swan is a beautiful bird who operates with grace and respect.  Whilst the legs may be working hard underneath the water, the swan stays true to its life journey staying on course and making the most of what the environment offers bringing its own touch to the eco-system in which it lives.  

Swans flock in a "V" formation, they work as a team, with each one taking up the lead when needed;  they work together being courageous, taking responsibility and showing respect.

In our school, the swan represents the peaceful and thoughtful learning journey that takes place for everyone who spends time with us.  Staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to enable everyone to flourish no matter what disadvantage they might face.   We want them to be confident and aspirational individuals who are ready to take their place and make their mark on the future.   

We use our voices and actions to aspire not to have more but to be more. 

Being a Church School

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 

The Church of England has set out a bold vision for education that is deeply Christian, serving the common good. Their purpose in education is to enable the children, young people and communities we serve to flourish as they experience education for wisdom, hope, community and dignity. 

As a voluntary controlled church school, this underpins our approach to education and welfare in our school.  Alongside this our own vision, builds on and develops this so that we can create an environment where everyone can be the very best version of themselves.   

Our Christian ethos drives everything we do from the decisions we make to the approaches we take in ensuring children are at the centre of what we do with staff playing a key role as part of this.  The model below shows how our vision is lived out through our values as a school.

Our dream, is that everyone at our school will "Aspire not to have more but to be more".  This quote comes from Oscar Romero, a catholic prelate who spoke up against injustice and inequality against those who were disadvantaged in the community of San Salvador in El Salvador, Central America.  In our school, we want children to shape their own futures and the future of our world, to aim high and aspire to achieve the very best they can in everything they do for everyone.