Collective Worship

Collective worship is seen as an integral part of the schools being: its heartbeat.  It is undertaken as a daily act of worship which is wholly or mainly of a Christian character with due regard given to the age, aptitude and faith background of each individual.  Collective worship is designed to inspire and engage all members of our community and influence their lives. 

Each term we look in detail at a value, we explore what this value means to us, to others and to the wider world linking to a specific story from the Bible. 

Collective worship is an opportunity for children to reflect, join in prayer or be still and reflect on the value in focus.  We want there to be a sense of awe and spiritual development and everyone is asked to respect this.  

As a church school, there are a number of key festivals that are celebrated: Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and Easter.  Alongside these, the children are able to take part in "experience" days which enable them to get a better understanding of key aspects of Worship such as the Trinity at Pentecost and the Eucharist at Easter. 

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