Emergency Procedures

The school has procedures in place to ensure children and wider school community are kept safe. Sometimes adverse situations mean we need to take action to deal with the unexpected.  We practice our emergency procedures regularly so that everyone knows what is expected. 


Sometimes we have to close unexpectedly due to extreme weather or a lack of facilities.  

If we experience extreme weather during the  winter there is the possibility that the school may have to close.  Any decision to close is based on a number of factors but is primarily based on Health and Safety requirements, keeping the school community safe and advice from the Local Authority. 

If we are forced to close due to the severity of the weather the decision will be made by 7am and the information will then be available on:-  

  •     The school website 

  •     Via Class Dojo and E mail 

  •     BBC Radio Wiltshire and Heart FM make regular announcements about closures; 

  •     Wiltshire Council – the County Council website lists all school closures. 

It is our aim, whenever possible, to keep the school open.  If we are not mentioned on the radio and information does not appear on either of the websites then you can be assured that we are open at normal times. 

If children need to be collected early from school we will notify parents via Class Dojo and email as well as putting a message on our website, staff will wait with them until they can be collected. 


If the school building needs to be evacuated then the school bell will ring continuously and everyone walks  calmly and assembles on the school field.  If you are on the school site you may be asked to wait outside the front so that we can ensure everyone is accounted for.  Once the all clear is given, normal site working will resume.  

The Director of Operations is identifiable by wearing a purple vest and fire marshalls wearing green vests. 

In the event of needing to evacuate the site completely, we will congregate at Matravers school for pupil collection. 


Sometimes the danger is outside and we need to stay in.  The school’s priority is to secure all its community and to engage with relevant external agencies as soon as is practicable possible to resolve the situation safely.  

The school hand bell rings intermittently for this and everyone finds a safe place inside and waits for the all clear.  No one will be admitted onto site during this period and parents are asked to wait for the all clear so that everyone can be accounted for. 


Safety is an important aspect of school life.  We have clear health and safety and well-being expectations including risk assessments, processes and procedures and a business continuity plan.  If there is a concern about anyone's safety that is beyond the schools ability to manage then the emergency services or social care may be called to support.