Design & Technology

Design and technology helps to develop children’s awareness of how things work around them and how they can use this knowledge to solve problems and be creative, children are able to work individually and as part of a team in combining practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues. Design and technology helps all children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators enabling children to develop a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made. 

  • Inspire children to learn about themselves and their place in the global community  
  • Aspire to be challenging, relevant and meaningful  
  • Achieve the best outcomes for every child 

Our aim is for children to leave Westbury Leigh with a lifelong love of design and technology through accessing a range of resources and a progressive wide ranging scheme of work which builds on technical skills and promotes creative design and evaluation. Children will access a range of tools and equipment in designing and making a final product and evaluating this, using precise technical knowledge and terminology.  

Intent:The intent of the design and technology curriculum is to provide a curriculum, which is accessible to all and develop each child in the process of designing and using technology. We aim to develop and support each child by building on their prior knowledge and allow them to make links to both prior learning and cross curricular learning.  Children should develop both and understanding and passion for the process of designing and creating products, evaluating the impact of products.  We want children to make sense of design and applications, their functionality, purpose and aesthetics.   

Implementation: We will ensure all staff understand the context for learning and the disciplines within design technology so that learning can be meaningful and children are able to fully understand the subject in context. Through meaningful topics and outcomes.  Products are linked to the topic and learning so that meaningful connections can be made between social history and design, including the impact of these on suitability and how designs change and grow over time.. 

Impact: Children will be able to show strong links between the theoretical and practical aspects and be able to identify the key learning from their topics. This process will be evident in their design process and evaluations and through their final products. Pupils will be able to explain design, make and evaluate, they will be reflective on their projects and be able to explain what was successful and what they would improve further.  There will be a strong focus on functionality and aesthetics as part of this. 


RRS Article 28 You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.