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At Westbury Leigh, we strive to give children the technical knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever changing technological world. Our modern curriculum includes computer programming and the use of up-to-date technologies such as iPads, green screening & geocaching. We provide every opportunity for learners to communicate and collaborate through online technologies.

Our excellent computer: child ratio provides the opportunity for children to acquire independence and competence, which can be applied across the whole curriculum. Our computer suite uses touchscreen all in one PCs so children can learn on Windows. Children also learn how to best use the internet for learning, at the same time as keeping themselves safe. Our aim is to create digitally literate citizens as well as highly skilled users of technology.

To further enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum, we have 45 iPads, two banks of 8 pcs (one in each key stage) and two mobile laptop suites. These devices provide learning opportunities that would not ordinarily be possible. All curriculum areas benefit from the provision of our iPads. Apps are carefully selected and downloaded to best help children move forward in different subject areas. Children can learn from educational applications or can even record their own explanations for other children to learn from.

At Westbury Leigh, we have a bespoke designed computing curriculum that uses the technology and software we have in school to its maximum capacity.  This is hugely complimented by computing unplugged activities that reinforce computational thinking and other elements of the new curriculum.

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