Science has changed our lives and is a key part of understanding the world in which we live through biology, chemistry and physics.    In developing scientific knowledge and understanding of the processes and uses of science we aim to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity.  We want children to be able to use science to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.   

 Our curriculum will: 

  •    inspire children to learn about themselves and their place in the global community 
  •    aspire to be challenging, relevant and meaningful 
  •    achieve the best outcome for every child

 Intent: At Westbury Leigh we aim to develop and support every child in achieving their best in science by building on their prior knowledge and experience, inspiring their learning through inspirational and engaging activities and  linking this to the best things in their locality and world. Therefore, enabling them to be aspirational in wanting the best for the future - seeing themselves as part of shaping this and developing a sense of excitement and intellectual curiosity about natural phenomena.  

Implementation: We will ensure all staff understand the context for the learning and the disciplines within Science so that learning takes place in a meaningful context and ensuring it is revisited frequently so all children, no matter their starting point or background, make consistently good progress.  Science investigation is used as appropriate, to help deepen knowledge and understanding about how the world around us works with strong links made to real life. 

 Impact: We will regularly review and evaluate the learning that is taking place through a clear understanding of age-related expectations and what this looks like first hand, in books, through exploration and through learning outcomes; we will seek to ensure there is rich knowledge that enables generalisations and makes connections.  Our vision is to enable children not to want more but to be more. 


RRS Article 28 - You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.