Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone to be part of.  We follow the guidance laid out by the local authority in ensuring we remain compliant in our duties.   

First Aid and Medication

We have an appointed person who is responsible for the management of first aid across the school, this is Mrs Donna Murray.  She is supported by a team of first aiders who are available where needed to support everyone on our school site.  There is a dedicated medical room and first aid points across the site. 

If a child needs medication during the school day, a consent form must be completed and the medication sent to the school office or through Tribe.  You can access our First aid and medical policy here.

Download a Medication Consent Form.

Health Needs and Medical Plans

Sometimes children have a longer term health need and this requires a medical plan to be completed with parents and professionals as appropriate.  These are reviewed regularly.  Short term health needs which might impact on absence form school will require a personal education plan.  These strategies ensure we can continue to meet the needs for all children and ensure that as much as possible there is continuity and adaptation in their learning to meet their needs.   

Health and Safety Checks

Regular health and safety checks ensure we are compliant in meeting our duties as a school. Our Health and Safety Officer is Ms. Anna Thurman.   

Risk Management

We believe that risks should be managed carefully managed rather than avoided, unless there is a high risk to safety that cannot be mitigated against.  We have robust risk assessment processes within school and as part of taking children out of school on trips. 

GDPR Policy

CCTV Policy

Privacy Notices