Parent Feedback

This has been a very different year with Coronavirus impacting on the way the school is able to operate.  We have received overwhelming positive feedback on how well the school has moved to remote learning and supported families during this time. 

Our annual questionnaire was sent to parents in October 2020 and this year there was a significant drop in the number of responses received with only 24% responses compared to 50% the year before.  

Parents say: 

  •     Their child is happy at school 
  •     Their child feels safe at school 
  •     The school ensures children are well behaved 
  •     There is an improvement in how quickly and effectively the school deals with bullying 
  •     SEND children are given the support they need to succeed 
  •     The school has high expectations 
  •     Their child does well at school 
  •     The school has responded positively and swiftly during lockdown 

They would like us to improve further 

 1.Support their child's wider development which has been impacted on with measures taken to reduce transmission of coronavirus.  We will do this by: 

  •     Reintroducing clubs and enrichment activities when it is safe to do so 
  •     Using now press play as an alternative to school trips 
  •     Ensuring additional support continues to happen   

  2.Ensure parents are really clear on what their child will learn.  We will do this by: 

  •     Sharing an overview of the topic at the start of each term and keeping this on the school website 
  •     Ensuring curriculum maps are on the school website under each year group 
  •     Supporting parents with technical terminology in the curriculum 

  3.Ensuring concerns are dealt with promptly.  We will do this by: 

  •     Ensuring Dojo is well used to communicate between parents and teachers 
  •     Exploring further what aspects of this are not working as well as they could for parents 
  •     Reminding parents that complaints must come through the school office  to the complaints                      co-ordinator