Tribe Wrap-Around Child Care

Tribe, is our school led wrap around care providing childcare from 7:30am until school starts and continuing after school until 6pm.  It is currently based in the hall with access through the hall door. 

At TRIBE, children have the opportunity to be creative and have fun through a range of activities whilst learning at the same time! Activities include art, sport, cooking, socialising with other children, learning about new places and cultures and even doing their homework! 

For information on pricing can be found here.

Breakfast is provided at 8am and tea at 5pm; there is a snack time straight after school.  Costs are included in the pricing. 

If there is enough interest in Tribe for inset days, then we aim to provide this. 


Kids Club HQ Booking System

To book a place please visit the website here.

For more information and support you can read the Kids Club HQ welcome letter.

Please also find a copy of the Parents Guide here and Self Set up guide here.

Once you have registered for this service you will be able to login directly by clicking the link below: