Fundraising for Westbury Leigh

Each year we identify a fund raising project to improve our school further.  The money we get as a school doesn’t go very far and it is often a stretch to afford the basics of staffing and resources for teaching and learning.  By fundraising we are able to create a stimulating and inspiring environment in which the school can flourish further as part of living out our vision. 

Fundraising for 2023


Fund Raising Project for April 2021-March 22

This year we want to improve how children can access outdoor learning and develop their eco awareness.  We are very lucky to have a farm and forest school on site and we want to develop our school grounds further to enrich this by: 

Aspect to improve 

What we need to buy 

Estimated cost 

Swan Nest Sunken garden 

Sail shade 


Path edging 

Fire pit equipment 


Purchase solar water feature & fit 

Plants and outside tap 

1, 000.00 




1, 000.00 

1, 000.00 


Improve farm and garden access for learning 

Concrete for the floor 

Outside shelter/ classroom 

Seating benches and tables (recycled) 

Gardening tools (donations) 




1, 000.00 

Develop planting and meadow 

Perennial Meadow seeds and plants 

Annual meadow seeds tbc(rich soil) 

Small fencing 

Wooden benches 

Strimmer/ scythe for path keeping 






Total funds needed 


22, 800 

Money raised so far 



Making a donation

Please follow the links below if you would like to make a donation to our school. 

All donations are appreciated and go a long way in making WLPS a great place for our children to be. 

Easy Fundraising Page

Alongside this, we will be running volunteer days and projects to make use of local expertise and donations. 

Date to be confirmed: April 

  •     Jet cleaning swans nest 
  •     Improve planting and add shrubs 
  •     Mend fences and paint 
  •     Increase bark and secured pathway edging 
  •     Screen off external fence 


In 2019-20 we raised money for developing the farm and alongside a generous donation from FoWLS were able to extend the pens and lay a hard core area to stop the animals getting bogged down in the mud when it rained and to make it easier to clean.