Play is central to how children learn and develop; it is something we nurture and celebrate in school.  We know that there are lots of things that children benefit from when they play together:  

  •     Social skills: communication,  interaction with others and awareness of others viewpoints and needs 
  •     Health:  being active, getting outside, exploring large movements and wellbeing 
  •     Risk taking: spatial awareness, making play from every day things and being adventurous 

Children have a break in the morning and a longer break at lunchtime.  There are a range of things to play with: 

  •     Climbing frame 
  •     Playground toys 

We also have more specialised toys which children can access with supervision: 

  •     Trikes and bikes 
  •     Table tennis 
  •     Specialist sports equipment 

Play Pod

We operate a play pod on site.  This is a container that is full of carefully checked scrap materials that the children can take away and play with.  The children are encouraged to use every day items to build tree swings, make dens and create their own fun and games.  We encourage children to weigh up the risks and benefits in their play and this is overseen by staff to ensure everyone enjoys a sense of adventure.