Shearwater Farm

Shearwater farm is an important part of school and is loved by all.  There is an outside farm that houses chickens and ducks; alongside them we have Cinnamon and Nutmeg, our goats.

Inside, we have guinea pigs and rabbits, who love being read to and often are given cuddles by the children who care for them. 

Each class takes it in turn to look after the farm.  This means they have to muck out their homes, ensure they have fresh bedding and food and let them have access to moving around in bigger spaces.  It is a very important responsibility.  Children will need to have farm clothes and wellies in school when it is their farm week - the animals need caring for whatever the weather!  

We rely on volunteers helping to look after the animals at weekends and during the holidays, if this is something you can help with then please let the office know or contact us on Facebook here.